Melodic Metal

Outlands – Take it Down

 Outlands - Take it Down (Demo) (Front - J-Card)

Artist: Outlands
Title: Take it Down
Year: 1989
Genre: Hard Rock, Melodic Metal
: 4 Track Demo
: Cassette
Label: –
Catalog No: –
Comments: J-Card Packaging
Collectors Status: Extremely Rare
Estimated Value: ~$1000 AUD

Track List – Side A
01. Highway to Freedom
02. Good Times (Love For Sale)

Outlands - Take it Down (Demo) (Cassette - Side A)

Track List – Side B
01. Winter of Our Love
02. Tell Me

Outlands - Take it Down (Demo) (Cassette - Side B)

Steve Shotton • Lead Vocals
Dave Powell • Guitars, Guitar Synthesizer, Backing Vocals
Glen Purkiss • Guitars, Guitar Synthesizer, Backing Vocals
Gary Synnerdahl • Drums, Backing Vocals (Wrecking Crew, Mother Hubbard)
Neil Brown • Bass, Backing Vocals

Outlands - Take it Down (Demo) (Credits)

• Recorded January 1989 at Sound Barrier Studios, Sydney, Australia
• Produced by John Hresc & Outlands
• Engineered by John Hresc
• Photography by Calvin’s Studio
• Layout & Graphics : Introspec
• Management : Hot Rock Management

Outlands - Take it Down (Demo) (Band Photo)

Just before I get back to the CDs, here’s another cassette worth taking a look at.

Outlands are yet another obscure Aussie hard rock band from Sydney, probably most notable for featuring drummer Gary Synnerdahl in the line-up. Synnerdahl was not only a member of the great Aussie hard rock band ‘Wrecking Crew‘ (a personal favourite of mine) but in the mid 90s he was a member of another Sydney band called Mother Hubbard that featured Alex Wasiliev – better known by most Australians as Alex Lloyd.

Though despite this somewhat famous connection, little else is known about Outlands or this obscure demo tape.  It is apparent however that this demo was recorded at the same Sydney studio as the Wicked ‘Out on Bail‘ demo tape that I posted here on the blog recently.  These two demos were also produced / engineered by the same person – John Hresc.  This does make me wonder how many other Aussie hard rock bands recorded demos at Sound Barrier Studios and if John Hresc was involved with those as well.  According to a google search, in the mid 80s John Hresc worked in many of Australia’s most iconic recording studios and has engineered almost 100 albums and singles.

Musically I was a little surprised by this one as I had expected to hear some typical late 80s hard rock but instead this is a touch heavier than some, bordering on melodic metal at times.  Great songs nonetheless!

As always, any more information would be greatly appreciated.