Shivai – Beelzebub’s in Heaven (EP)

 Shivai - Beezlebub's in Heaven (EP) (Front)

Artist: Shivai
Title: Beelzebub’s in Heaven (EP)
Year: 1994
Genre: Hard Rock
: 4 Track EP
: Compact Disc
Label: –
Catalog No: –
Comments: –
Collectors Status: Very Rare
Estimated Value: ~$30+ AUD

Shivai - Beezlebub's in Heaven (EP) (CD)

Track List
01. Beelzebub’s in Heaven
02. Om Namy Haya
03. Shivai
04. Foxy Lady (Jimi Hendrix cover)

Shivai - Beezlebub's in Heaven (EP) (Back)

Skye Patricks (v) (Serpentine, Future Native)
Zakk Zedras (g) (Serpentine, Roxus, Dragonfly)
Rexx Fernandez (b) (Serpentine, Nude + toured with Christine Anu, James Reyne, Mark Seymour and Joe Camilleri)
Greg Aldridge (d) (Final Outcome, Jimi the Human, Josie Jason and the Argonauts, Fester Fanatics, The Tourers)
Clint Roach (b) (Serpentine)

Album Credits
Produced by Shivai
Mixed by D.O.
Engineered by Sam Pulley
Recorded at Belair Studios
All songs written by Shivai, except Foxy Lady by Jimi Hendrix
Photo by Jim Kellam
CD Graphics by HiX
Cover by Thunder Publishing
Logo Design by Amanda Bansgrove
Didgeredoo: Michael Redman
Drums by Trina

Shivai - Bio

Featuring several past members of cult Aussie melodic hard rock group, Serpentine (reformed as Serpentine Sky in 2014/15); Melbourne hard rockers Shivai released this four track EP titled ‘Beelzebub’s in heaven‘in 1994.  Sometimes compared to New Jersey hard rockers Skid Row, Shivai have really grown on me over time and this EP is now among my all time favourite Aussie hard rock releases.  There are certainly some alternative rock influences here (Soundgarden come to mind) though the four songs featured on this EP (including a Jimi Hendrix cover) absolutely kick ass!  A killer EP and one well worth getting your hands on.  It appears there may have been a self titled EP as well – I would be very keen to hear it!

Just a bit of background on Serpentine:

“Originally founded in 1989 by Patrick Creamer, Zakk Zedras, Rexx Fernandez, Clinton Roche and Craig Whitelock, Serpentine Sky made an immediate impact on audiences with their energetic live show combining shredding guitars, three part harmonies, huge melodic choruses and the best rhythm section around. In the early nineties, the band was tipped as ‘the next big thing’ by Ian ‘Molly’ Meldrum and showered with major record label deals.

Serpentine Sky

As fate would have it, everything came to an abrupt end in 1991. Drummer Craig Whitelock suffered a motorbike accident which put him out of action for a year. The band tried to carry on with another drummer, but relationships became strained and the magic was lost.

Reuniting almost 25 years later, the band played at the tribute show for dearly departed friend and former White Widow drummer George Kristy. After the show the band committed to record a full length album of the best songs with producer / engineer Ricki Rae. The band changed their name to Serpentine Sky in 2015 and the new album will be Available soon”.

© MelodicRock Records, 2015

As a side note, I had no idea what a ‘Beelzebub’ was, but among a dozen different descriptions on google I came across this:

“The name of Beelzebub was inspired by the Hebrew demon Beelzebub, which means “Lord of the Flies”. He is established as the Lord of the Flies and a high-ranking demon, and his flies carry souls down to the Abyss. Beelzebub is also believed to be a bastardized version of the Canaanite god Baal or an alternate form of Satan. He is also associated with the sin of gluttony”.

As always, any further information is greatly appreciated.

PS if anyone has a copy of the self titled Shivai EP or the original two track Serpentine promo-cassette ‘Whole Lotta Love‘, I would certainly be interested to hear from you.


Black Rose – Fast Times at Black Rose High (EP)

Black Rose - Fast Times At Black Rose High (EP) (Front)

Black Rose - Fast Times at Black Rose High (EP) (Logo)

Artist: Black Rose
Title: Fast Times at Black Rose High
Year: 1996
Genre: Hard Rock, Glam/Sleaze, Punk
: 6 Track EP
: Compact Disc
Label: Stark Raven Records
Catalog No: SRR 001
CD Matrix: IFPI L282 – MADE BY PMI * DCD0818 * #01
Comments: –
Collectors Status: Extremely Rare
Estimated Value: ~$250 AUD

Black Rose - Fast Times At Black Rose High (EP) (CD)

Track List
01. Fast Times at Black Rose High
02. Fuck Off Back to Byron Bay
03. Tell the Chicks I do Surf
04. Sweet and Sour
05. I Drive a Holden (My Ones a Brown One)
06. Rosso Live at the Dubbo RSL

Black Rose - Fast Times At Black Rose High (EP) (Back)

Line-Up & Album Credits
Rosso (v)
Hursto (d)
Carpsy (g)
Killer (b)
Lordo (t, h)

Black Rose - Fast Times At Black Rose High (EP) (Inlay)

Black Rose - Fast Times at Black Rose High (EP) (Line-Up)

Not to be confused with a Sydney band of the same name, Melbourne hard rockers Black Rose released an EP titled ‘Fast Times at Black Rose High‘ in 1996. According to details on the CD inserts, the band “formed as a joke” in 1994 and were lucky enough to record this EP in an L.A. studio with the help of producers Daryl Hall & John Oates (!).  I strongly suspect those last few pieces of information are also a joke and are characteristic of the jovial lyrics and attitudes of the band members on this EP – including comedian Tim ‘Rosso’ Ross, best known for his role as a radio host on Nova 96.9 FM.

Black Rose - Fast Times at Black Rose High (EP) (Band 1) Black Rose - Fast Times at Black Rose High (EP) (Band 2)

Musically this is tongue-in-cheek hard rock with glam-sleaze and punk influences.  There are links to a number of other Melbourne bands including The Bowers, Rocket Science and The City Lights, all featuring Kit Warhurst; as well as Manic Suede featuring Kit Warhurst and David Lord.  And finally there is Dashboard featuring Andre Warhurst (brother of Kit) and David Lord.  In case you were wondering, Kit and Andre are brothers of former Triple J radio station host / Spicks and Specks team captain, Myf Warhurst.  In fact Kit is also known for his part in the Spicks and Specks touring band – The Specktors.

Black Rose - Fast Times at Black Rose High (EP) (Live 1) Black Rose - Fast Times at Black Rose High (EP) (Live 2) Black Rose - Fast Times at Black Rose High (EP) (Live 3)    \

Overall this may not be for everyone – but it’s good fun Aussie rock and you can’t argue with that.   A pretty rare CD that I have only ever come across once.  Any more information regarding Black Rose would be most welcome.

Black Rose - Fast Times at Black Rose High (EP) (Live 4)Black Rose - Fast Times at Black Rose High (EP) (Live 5)

Shotgun Alley – Growing Menace (EP)

Shotgun Alley - Growing Menace (EP) (Front) Shotgun Alley - Growing Menace (EP) (Booklet Front)

Artist: Shotgun Alley
Title: Growing Menace
Year: 1993
Genre: Hard Rock, Glam/Sleaze
: 6 Track EP
: Compact Disc
Label: Solid Music
Catalog No: SA 001
CD Matrix: –
Comments: Digipak
Collectors Status: Rare
Estimated Value: ~$25 – $50 AUD

Shotgun Alley - Growing Menace (EP) (CD)

Track List
01. White Flame
02. Soul Resurrection
03. Yesterday’s Gone
04. When the Beat Comes Knocking
05. One More Night
06. You’re Mine

Shotgun Alley - Growing Menace (EP) (Back with Spine)Shotgun Alley - Growing Menace (EP) (Inlay)

Line-Up & Album Credits
Mark Cinque (v)
Spider (g)
Tony Wilson (g)
Andrew Dunstan (b)
Chris Burke (d)

Shotgun Alley - Growing Menace (EP) (Credits)Shotgun Alley - Growing Menace (EP) (Line-Up)Shotgun Alley - Growing Menace (EP) (Lyrics)

Melbourne hard rock band Shotgun Alley formed in 1990 and it was during this year that the band played to a lively crowd of 4000 people in support of Jimmy Barnes at Bendigo Basketball Stadium. However it was not until 1993 that this debut six track EP titled ‘Growing Menace‘ was released, followed by a CD single featuring ‘Because I Love You‘ in 1994. There seems to be little other information out there about Shotgun Alley, although some of the band members were involved in other projects which might be of interest.  In particular, band drummer Chris Burke has played with a host of Aussie hard rock bands over the years including Phase, Redback (also featuring Spider), Lix and Kill Johnny.  Redback released a hard to find 7″ single titled ‘Goodtime Girl‘ in 1988 (Thanks to Andrew S. for this piece of information). Another project which can be linked to Shotgun Alley is Melbourne commercial / hard rock band Wood N Dogs which featured guitarist Tony Wilson. Wood N Dogs released a CD single titled ‘Same Old Story‘ in 1995.

Wood N Dogs - Band Photo 1

Image (above): Wood N Dogs – Early promotional photo

Wood N Dogs - Same Old Story (CD Single) (Front)

Image (above): Wood N Dogs – Same Old Story CD Single

Wild Frontier – King of Pentacles

Wild Frontier - King of Pentacles (Front)

Artist: Wild Frontier
Title: King of Pentacles
Year: 1994
Genre: Melodic Hard Rock
: Full Length Album
: Compact Disc
Label: CoZee Publishing House
Catalog No: ZEE 333
CD Matrix: MADE BY DISCTRONICS B ** ZEE 333 ** #01
Comments: –
Collectors Status: Extremely Rare
Estimated Value: ~$150 AUD

Wild Frontier - King of Pentacles (CD)

Track List
01. Demi God
02. Modern Day Woman
03. Screaming Desire
04. Hope You’re Feeling Better
05. Two Worlds Apart
06. Subject ‘No More’
07. Voices in the Storm
08. Psycho Lady
09. Sad Songs
10. Wasted Years

Wild Frontier - King of Pentacles (Back)Wild Frontier - King of Pentacles (Inlay)

Line-Up & Album Credits
John Zee (v)
David Costabile (k, bv)
David Scott (g, bv)
George Sarris (b)
Mark Mcleod (d)

Wild Frontier - King of Pentacles (Line-Up)

All songs written by David Costablie & John Zee except ‘Sad Songs‘ and ‘Wasted Years‘ co-written by Alex Doukas and ‘Hope You’re Feeling Better‘ written by Gregg Rolie.  Intro and outro to ‘Psycho Lady‘ written by Maurice Jarre ‘Theme to ‘Dr. Zhivago’.

Wild Frontier - King of Pentacles (Booklet)

Wild Frontier are a little known hard rock band from Victoria (Melbourne I think) who released this one off CD titled ‘King of Pentacles‘ in 1994.  One of the first things I noticed when reading the CD booklet was the name “G. Rolie” listed as songwriter for track four ‘Hope You’re Feeling Better‘.

Santana - Hope You're Feeling Better (Single) (Front)

For our Saturday Bubbling Under special, we drift back to 1971 and the third single from Santana’s second album, “Abraxas.” While “Black Magic Woman” charted at #4 and “Oye Como Va” made it to #13, “Hope You’re Feeling Better” failed to make a dent. It didn’t even show on Billboard’s “Bubbling Under” chart; however, Billboard mentioned that some jukebox owners reported that the song was in heavy play in certain markets. “Hope You’re Feeling Better” was the flip side of the first single “Black Magic Woman”; but apparently it was re-released as the third single. I’m not even certain that a commercial issue of the second version ever made it to the stores. Since it performed poorly, the second release was probably only distributed to radio and jukebox stockers.  Written by keyboardist/vocalist Greg Rollie, the song features his characteristic Hammond organ as well as his lead vocals. Carlos Santana’s guitar work is unmistakable. He even employs a wah-wah pedal in places. This song has some great kicks as well. Good stuff from this classic version of the legendary band, Santana.

© 2014 Jim Owston at Reading Between the Grooves

As it turns out this is the same (Gregg) Rolie I had in mind – most famous for his time spent as keyboardist/vocalist/guitarist in the early line-ups of both Santana and Journey but also for his brief tenure as lead vocalist on two of my all-time favourite albums ‘The Storm‘ (1991) and ‘Eye of the Storm‘ (1992) from cult AOR legends The Storm.

Storm, the - The Storm (Front) Storm, the - Eye of the Storm (Front)

Image (above): Front cover artwork for ‘The Storm‘ (1991) and ‘Eye of the Storm‘ (1992)

Gregg Rolie with Santana

Image (above): Gregg Rolie with Santana

Gregg Rolie with Journey 2  

Image (above): Gregg Rolie with Journey

Storm, the (Band Photo 1)

Image (above): Gregg Rolie with The Storm

The Music
Of the ten tracks featured on this CD, the first eight were recorded in 1993 at ‘Jam Tin’ studios in Melbourne while the final two tracks were recorded in 1991 at ‘Platinum Studios’ in Melbourne.  Musically there is a diverse offering of hard rock styles on here, some of which is perhaps a little alternative for my usual tastes, though tracks like ‘Two Worlds Apart’, ‘Voices in the Storm’ and ‘Sad Songs’ showcase what I believe are some of the best melodic hard rock tracks I’ve heard from an Aussie band.  The vocals are strong throughout and they are obviously a talented bunch of musicians.

Final Comment
By taking the Gregg Rolie angle I actually had more to discuss in this post than I had expected.  However I still have little information to share about Wild Frontier so any help from those of you who remember them would be greatly appreciated. As usual I would love to see any promo photos, gig flyers, magazine/newspaper clipping etc.  This one is relatively rare though does show up from time to time if you keep an eye out for it.  I can see a copy for sale online right now for $97 though I picked mine up for $20 if memory serves.  If for no other reason, track it down so you can listen to ‘Voices in the Storm‘ – absolutely stunning!!