Wretched Child – Better Late Than Never

Wretched Child - Better Late Than Never (Front) LQ

Artist: Wretched Child
Title: Better Late Than Never
Year: 1994
Genre: Hard Rock, Glam/Sleaze, Metal
: Full Length Album
: Compact Disc (Verbatim CD-R)
Label: –
Catalog No: WC01
CD Matrix: –
Comments: –
Collectors Status: Very Rare
Estimated Value: ~$25 – $50 AUD

Wretched Child - Better Late Than Never (CD) LQ

Track List
01. Now It’s Time
02. Damnation
03. Believe in Me
04. Fantasy Lover
05. Besty Blues
06. Survivor
07. Batter Late Than Never
08. Sweet Lill Sister
09. Nightmares
10. Wretched Child

Wretched Child - Better Late Than Never (Back) LQ

Line-Up & Album Credits
Grazz (v)
Lefty (b)
Besty (d)
Bart (g)
Campbell (g)
(and the “Chanters From Hell!”)

Wretched Child - Better Late Than Never (Band Photo) LQ

• All songs written & performed by “Wretched Child”
• Recorded at – “Soundtrack 919” Ballarat 93-94
• Produced by – Lyndon Kriss & Wretched Child
• Photography – Thani – Jo Flewers (?) – Deborah Wright
• Other Vocals – Karen Fraser – Simone Calaby
• Keyboards & Ass Sound FX – Lyndon Kriss
• Candid Comments – Lefty & Bart
• Layout A.C.B

Wretched Child - Better Late Than Never (Credits) LQ Wretched Child - Better Late Than Never (Poem) LQ

Wretched Child are a little known hard rock band from Ballarat, Victoria who formed in the early 90s (?’92) and released this one off CD titled ‘Better Late Than Never‘ in 1994.  At first glance, this album appears to have a real DIY feel to it.  Maybe it’s the hand-written band logo on the front cover, the scrapbook style rear insert photo (complete with flannelette shirts and cans of VB); or the Printable Inkjet Verbatim CD-R.  Actually it’s probably all of these things combined!  Regardless though, the music here is of a high standard – well performed and nicely produced hard rock.  Of the ten tracks featured on this CD, all are studio recordings from ’93 / ’94 with a variety of hard rock styles on display.

Wretched Child - Better Late Than Never (Line-Up)

Final Comment
It might look DIY, but the songs are great and this is an album that I’m pleased to finally have in my collection.