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Surrender - Demo 1990-91 (Front)

Artist: Surrender
Title: –
Year: 1990/91
Genre: Hard Rock, Melodic Hard Rock
: 3 Track Demo
: Cassette
Label: –
Catalog No: –
Comments: O-Card Packaging
Collectors Status: Extremely Rare
Estimated Value: ~$1000 AUD

Surrender - Demo 1990-91 (Cassette)

Track List
01. Love it Loose
02. Just Like Love
03. Time Will Tell

Surrender - Demo 1990-91 (Back)

Line-Up & Album Credits
Unknown band line-up
Recorded at JMC Studios
Engineered / Produced by Steve Pomfrey
All songs written by Surrender © 90/91

Surrender - Demo 1990-91 (Front - Standing)

Now this one is a real mystery!  I stumbled upon it recently while looking for something else and decided to pick it up based on the cover art, year of release and the fact that it was advertised as being an Aussie band.

Apart from the minimal details listed on the packaging, there is absolutely no information out there about this band, not even a mention in Chris Spencer’s ‘Who’s Who of Australian Rock‘.  I can only assume from the phone number that the band is from NSW.

Despite its demo like production qualities, the three tracks featured on this cassette are really good examples of everything I love about late 80s / early 90s hard rock.  In particular ‘Time Will Tell’ is an absolute gem of a track and one that easily ranks among my all time favourite obscure Aussie hard rock songs – pure melodic hard rock bliss!

Note that this band has no connection to Aussie metal band Surrender that featured Dave Compton and released a self titled LP in 1984.  I did check with Dave about this and he seemed to recall another Aussie band of this name from around 1989-93.

Any more information about Surrender would be really appreciated.

Surrender - Demo 1990-91 (Front & Cassette - Standing)



Devils in Heaven

Devils in Heaven - Say a Prayer (One Departed) (EP) (Front)

Artist: Devils in Heaven
Title: Say A Prayer (One Departed)
Year: 1992
Genre: AOR, Melodic Hard Rock
: EP
: Compact Disc
Label: Columbia
Catalog No: 657910 2
CD Matrix: MADE BY DISCTRONICS B ** 657910.2 ** #02
Comments: Cardboard Sleeve
Collectors Status: Extremely Rare
Estimated Value: ~$500 AUD

Devils in Heaven - Say a Prayer (One Departed) (EP) (CD)

Track List
01. Say A Prayer (One Departed)
02. The Night is Over

Devils in Heaven - Say a Prayer (One Departed) (EP) (Back)

Line-Up & Album Credits
David Whitney (lg, lv)
Nelson Tabe (k, bv)
Phil Crothers (d, bv)
Matthew Shield (b)

(Produced by Garry Frost)

Devils in Heaven - Liberation (EP) (Front)

Artist: Devils in Heaven
Title: Liberation
Year: 1993
Genre: AOR, Melodic Hard Rock
: EP
: Compact Disc
Label: Possum Music
Catalog No: pdscd529
CD Matrix: PDSCD 529 SM 2248
Comments: Cardboard Sleeve
Collectors Status: Extremely Rare
Estimated Value: ~$500 AUD

Devils in Heaven - Liberation (EP) (CD)

Track List
01. Liberation
02. Ships in the Night
03. Ain’t it a Wonder

Devils in Heaven - Liberation (EP) (Back)

Line-Up & Album Credits

(Produced by Sir Arthur Payson)

Devils in Heaven Various Promo Photos

Devils in Heaven - (Australian Band) 1 Devils in Heaven - (Australian Band) 2 Devils in Heaven - (Australian Band) 3 Devils in Heaven - (Australian Band) 4 Devils in Heaven - (Australian Band) 5 Devils in Heaven - (Australian Band) 6 Devils in Heaven - (Australian Band) 7

Devils In Heaven were an Australian group often seen touring around the east coast of Australia during the late 80′s and early 90′s. They had a strong following and in 1992 they were on a talent show called Star Search, they took out the major prize, had a single released called ‘Say a Prayer (One departed)’ and then basically disappeared. They should’ve taken the music scene here by storm as to this day there are still questions asked about the band, what happened to them? What are they doing now? Well, after my quest over many years to track down this man, I was absolutely stoked to be able to talk to Devils front man Dave Whitney about pretty much everything and get these questions answered. No holds barred here and truly some interesting things I never knew about the industry or these talent shows.

© 2011 Troy Culpan @ May the Rock be With You

Visit here to read the full interview with Dave Whitney at May the Rock be With You.

As you can see from the above cover scans, both of my Devils in Heaven EPs are well worn, but the music itself remains pristine.  In fact to my ears Devils in Heaven are one of the finest offerings in Australian music history and are certainly the best Aussie band who never released a full length album.  However, while their recorded output was minimal (just five tracks across two EPs), several years ago the band launched their own website, pleasing fans with the offering of an additional ten unreleased and hard to find Devils in Heaven songs.

Devils in Heaven - Unreleased & Hard to Find Devils in Heaven MP3's (Front)

Image (above): Unreleased & Hard to Find Devils in Heaven MP3’s

If these additional ten songs weren’t enough, fans could track down the rare David Whitney solo album titled ‘Heart, Mind & Soul‘ – a mellower yet equally beautiful collection of melodic rock songs from 1993.  Among the 15 tracks here are different versions of the three songs from the Liberation EP.

Whitney, Dave - Heart Mind and Soul (Front)Whitney, Dave - Heart Mind and Soul (Back)

Image (above): Cover artwork for David Whitney’s solo album: Heart, Mind & Soul

Sadly Phil Crothers passed away following an accident in 2013.

YouTube: Devils in Heaven TV Appearances

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